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Soft Tread - Safety Matting - Mats & Matting - Anti Fatigue Dry Area








All Wet, Dry and Greasy area.

Series of buoyant cushioning raised cicles

Unique cross-linked polyethylene foam

Extremely light weight. Easy to move from work station to work station. Impervious to oils, acids, chlorine and solvents. Exceedingly buoyant cushioning top provides traction, comfort and a non absorbant non slip surface.

Safety Bevels on all sides


Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Green, Brown, Beige and Yellow

500 x 800mm.

Soft Tread has the same ingredients as Power Pod only it has been designed as single station mat. It comes in only one standard size 800 x 500mm. Soft Tread with its exceedingly buoyant cushioning support has a series of small raised circular pattern on the suface and bevelled edges on all sides. Although Soft Tread is tough, longwearing and economical, its main feature is it increadible light weight. 1 mat weighs about .5 of a Kilogram. This make the product easy to move around from one area to another together with the convenience of ease of cleaning. Very hygienic, it is commonly used in food, medical and sanitised areas. Excellent traction on the surface prevents slipping. Anti fatigue, relieves feet, leg and back pain which makes Soft Tread perfect check out mat for supermarkets, butchers, delicatessans and most retail stores. Non-absorbent, Non-porous, hygenic and easily cleaned, just hose off. Comes in a range of colours for safety and colour coding.

Stock Size

500 x 800mm

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